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8 Reasons why Finance industry needs Automation

In the Finance space “time is money”. Getting the right data with the ability to derive insights and build an effective system that is human-free and error-free is critical to speed, accuracy and expansion. Some of the key factors that RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can help you yield major benefits are discussed below.

Building a Performance based System: A robust Robotic Process Automation system can enable performance enhancement across all the departments. In the finance department, automation of key manual activities can drive productivity, reduce stress on employees and boost morale. Imagine employees' effort on manual activities reduces by 80%, wouldn’t it help them spend more quality time on other pressing tasks?

Build lasting Customer Relationships: Some of the best customer relationships are built over time. Keeping your customers happy and ensuring you are able to service them and fulfill their needs is a critical function. Wouldn’t an automated system that helps you in reconciling the monthly statements on time, reduce the burden on your team, while spending time on other priorities help? Assuming you have customers, with whom you need to share detailed reports weekly or monthly, wouldn’t it be great to have them sent automatically at regular time periods, of course you can have someone in the team check them out before it’s sent.

Enable faster Decision Making: With a system that helps you make faster and more insightful decisions, get your organization to prioritize important activities and reduce manual effort on redundant activities. Sometimes the questions that arise could be on how do you plan your inventory for the next few months or based on the incomes coming in, how do you plan your expenses for the next few months? An analytical system that can give you a clear insight to help you make those decisions without bias is a huge help

Enabling a Competitive Advantage: With companies emphasizing on digital transformation, the right set of tools can help you acquire the expertise to up your game. It was once about who produces more, has a larger market share. Today it’s more about product, pricing, placement and quality, all in strict timelines. Building a competitive advantage starts right from within the organization, from each department and not just the sales folks. Assuming you have the ability to give insights to the departments and help them spend time on how to become more competitive with better strategies or better products, wouldn’t that be something you would want?

Manage Risks Better: With a complete control on your compliance and adherence to your risk appetite and strategy and removing subjective interpretation, you are up for the right set of challenges. In the pandemic, there has been impact across the globe and companies need to rethink their strategies, goals and long-term perspectives. It’s also about how you manage your risks, while ensuring you challenge your organization to succeed in these times. From your cash flow to payments, take help in prioritizing and pick the right set of tools to succeed.

Enhanced Workflows: With large scale workflows which are part of the general functioning of the finance team, automate workflows across the process and streamline them. With too many processes, that include scanning invoices, bank reconciliations, ensure you are automating activities that can be left to the bots and focus on pressing needs of the finance team. Time lost in reconciliation can sometimes be brutal and creates a vicious cycle of delayed payments and putting your organization in debt.

Making a Paperless Office: With automation and digitization across the organization, reduce the paper trail required in the general functioning. With automation ensure a digital log for transactions, with a workflow that is competent and scalable as your business needs scale.

Omni Channel communication: With digital beyond just email and Apps, enable your organization to leverage multiple forms of communication to market the relevant data in time to your customers, vendors and keep everyone in the loop. Enable notifications or automate conversations on channels with intelligent automation. Build a competent technology framework that can scale.