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7 Reasons why Hospitality Sector needs Automation today

Automation is making deep inroads within the hospitality industry. From automated hotel task management, automated guest communication to Billing, Invoicing, Payments. the list goes on. But what exactly does hospitality automation mean? And how can both guests and restaurants/ hoteliers benefit from it?

Addressing the pain points faced in the hospitality sector:

Lack of Skilled Workforce:

Owning to the lockdown woes across the globe, many restaurants had to close. Many employees relocated to their hometowns, leaving many of these restaurants in the lurch. After opening the lockdown too, there has been challenges in hiring the right staff and everyone is short-staffed. Automation can really help in multiple ways to streamline work, menu’s, orders and a lot more.

Build leaner teams who perform:

With immense competition, employees are always on their toes. Look at the piles of bills that the finance team needs to keep sorting through to check on the account receivables, account payables, invoices, reconciliation and so on. Automation can pull invoices, purchase receipts, from emails, scanned docs and reconcile them faster than a human can. It can save at least 100 hours per employee per week.

Standardize Process, Optimize:

Getting employees to build a customer-centric business isn’t easy. Using automation, get employees to follow processes, work-flows to ensure a smooth and seamless experience across the board.

Deep dive into Analytics:

Understanding where your revenues come from? Which dishes are the most profitable? Which server gets the most number of orders? Don’t these questions sound interesting? Imagine having all these answers available in real-time and giving you the opportunity to maximize revenues on all fronts, what would you do?

World of Aggregators:

Aggregators have been the life-savers for restaurants, including multiple large - star hotels. But this has led to multiple complexities at the restaurant/hospitality chains. The amount of bills, discounts, receivables and offers that were run, need to be matched with the payments. With a good restaurant clocking over 2000 orders on average a week, this is a Herculean task. With automation, build an effective system that can aggregate all this data and show you the data on the next day. Get your finances in place.

Automate communication with guests:

Never lose a customer again. Most questions from guests are about availability, offerings, and special services. These can smartly be answered by an automated bot that can answer these (24/7) and, at the same time, become a lead generation engine for the organization.

Supplies, Vendors and more:

Sometimes it is challenging to decide how much to order and when to order to ensure you have availability. With automation, you can have those answers ready for you to decide what’s important and what's critical. Assume you have orders of a specific item every Sunday. You need to ensure availability and have enough in stock to cover all orders. Some of these orders are the key to your profitability.

With our deep expertise in the hospitality sector, processing over 10,000 orders just for one of our clients, we have seen a huge improvement. Their payment days has gone down to days from weeks. The reconciliation of monthly statements happens on the 1st of every month without fail, compared to the 10th or 12th of the next month. While the ten days may not look long, this disrupted their entire cycle of payments, receivables and a lot more. Specialist the peace of mind gained after automation is what our clients say is priceless!

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