order reconcilation

Client: A leading brand with 50+ outlet


Reconciliation (Client: A leading brand with 50+ outlets)


  • Reconciliation of over 8000 orders per day


  • Reconciling over 8,000 transactions per day
  • Data from POS, food aggregators, UPI and bank payments, invoices, etc.
  • Manpower limitations for inventory, sales, expenses tracking, etc.
  • Invoice/vendor reconciliation were taking 4 days for orders of a single day
  • Inaccuracy and delay in critical business reporting
  • Reports weren't available on-time

Process Automated

  • Intra-daily updates
  • Order capture and data entry
  • Reconciliation across outlets
  • Aggregator invoices and order verification
  • Reporting automation and daily alerts on billing and bank statements
  • 75%

    better time utilization

  • 85%

    effort automated

  • 100%

    data entry accuracy

  • 100%

    analytics & timely reporting


Reconciliation (Client: A leading brand with 50+ outlets)


  • Reconciliation of the previous day orders completed by the end of next day
  • Better use of existing team, without additional hiring required
  • Collection of data from multiple software, PDFs, bank statements, invoices, images, etc.
  • Automatically read invoices in a folder or email and collated data in a master database
  • Automatically verified and cross-verified PO/GRN
  • Automated vendor reconciliation payments
  • Reminders and alerts to management on any variations
  • Alerts to suppliers on any data mismatch or glaring omissions

RPA Infrastructure

  • Mindful Platform installed on client’s local server
  • Identified workflows and bottle necks

  • Automated processes and data collation

  • Improved performance and analytics

Using Chargebee is also one less area we have to worry about as we scale. We know that it’ll adapt to most if not all situations that’ll come up in the future.

Robin Lambert,

Co-founder & CPO

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