Bank Statement and Business Aggregator Reconciliation Solutions and Services

We provide the best bank statement and business aggregator reconciliation solutions and services to reduce errors, save time, and provide many other benefits. Our best aggregators' reconciliation services enable the digital transformation of payments worldwide to minimize cash transactions. We offer the best bank statement reconciliation solution to help payment aggregators provide merchants to make and receive payments in digital form with many benefits.

Understanding Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a tedious process in the manual form that too in this fast digitalizing world for most people using their phones to make payments. From banks to payment aggregators or merchant aggregators have to match their receivables with payments fast and error free to develop their business. Also, it enables third-party payment providers to reconcile statements without any errors using automation rather than manual work. Here, our world-class business aggregator reconciliation solutions play a pivotal role in helping manage variations quickly and easily.


Use of Unique Algorithms

Stock brokers are gearing up for the T+1 settlement from May 2024 and need our best bank settlement reconciliation solutions to make it possible. Our unique algorithms and 100% configurable matching rules reduce the struggle of stock brokers, depositaries, asset managers, and others to adopt the revolutionaUse of Unique Algorithmsry T+1 settlement to increase investment with improved processes. Also, our best aggregator reconciliation services enable many third-party payment providers to enable quick processes without errors.

Streamlining Processes

In this globalized and digitalized world, payments for services, products, and others get done from anywhere and anytime. With smartphones in most people's hands worldwide, handling such digital payments is getting more challenging, especially reconciling the payables and receivables is challenging. There is a continuous rise in digital payments to billions and increasing every year for aggregators to reconcile statements to match accurately and quickly. Only then will it be possible to maintain track of the expenses with income and to check the internal financial records with external statements from vendors, banks, etc.

Overcoming the Challenge of Humongous Data

The data created in the payments are so massive that it is almost impossible to reconcile using spreadsheets or others manually. It is because of needing proper data that may be complete for analytics to negotiate effectively. Hence, automating the payment reconciliation process using a real-time solution is critical for any organization to reconcile the massive number of increasing payments for effective bookkeeping and other benefits. Here, we offer the best bank statement reconciliation solution for all reconciling needs, providing the right tools and expert service. A few efficient reconciling services for bank accounts, credit or debit cards, digital wallets, global currency, real-time automatic payment, etc.

  • We offer unique reconciliation for asset managers of both buy and sell-side firms that combine automation, outsourcing, and advanced technology to streamline rapidly changing workflows efficiently.
  • Our best business aggregator reconciliation solutions are fast to implement, up to 40% quicker in identifying the patterns and associations to get insights within minutes to set up new reconciliations.

  • We are experts in automating the reconciling of complex transactions involving massive data in many forms with over thirty percent gain in efficiency and reducing the costs by half by outsourcing the process.
  • Our AI and ML experts recommend the right next steps for all types of accounts, banks, cash, balance sheets, and other reconciliation process to have more intelligent operations and transparency of the entire history of user actions and maintain more accurate audits.
  • We enable asset managers, prime brokers, custodians, fund administrators, bankers, and others with the best business aggregate reconciliation solutions to integrate with PMS or OMS, reference masters, and accounting and to reconcile daily or monthly NAV, P&L, trial balances, positions, trades, along with bank ledgers and statements.
  • Our expert business aggregator reconciliation solutions offer higher accuracy because of redirecting resources from traditional cash reconciliation and fund account software to offload positions, activities, and cash balances for focusing on the core activities to develop the business to new heights.

  • We provide the best aggregators reconciliation services for a wide range of needs of organizations that include data, position, payment, NAV, inter-state, hedge fund, cash, bank, balance sheet, account, profit & loss, N-Way, Nostro, month-end close, embedded broker email communications, etc.
  • Our AI and ML technology-powered suggestion engine will recognize all patterns for knowing the asset mix and counterparties for predicting around 50% of manual user actions to recommend mappings, attributes, and keys for reconciling in seconds rather than doing it for days.
  • We offer many key features with our best business aggregators reconciliation solution, like matching data automatically, customized rules, real-time analyzing & reporting, and others to find discrepancies to maintain data integrity and validate payment records flexibly and accurately.
  • Our best bank statement reconciliation solution enables seamless integration with banks' APIs for accessing data in real-time using proprietary tools for digging deep into the data for efficient management and processing to get valuable insights to make critical decisions to improve the organization's development.