Revolutionize the way work is done

RPA helps organizations enhance business processes quickly, building digital transformation capabilities easily and efficiently.

How Mindful Automation works within popular industries

Insurance Finance & Banking Retail & CPG BPO/KPO Manufacturing HR Automation

Automation benefits your core and back-office insurance processes.

Process time reduction by 50% and more.

By freeing your professionals from repetitive and redundant tasks, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is more cost effective, and the human team addresses more strategic initiatives pertaining to the core business of insurance, reacting faster to multifarious demands of policyholders, agents and partners to give them fast, transparent, and multi-channel experiences, 24/7.

By shifting focus from processes to customers. Build capacity without hiring any additional resources.


Automate data extraction to streamline processing in insurance at scale to increase productivity to 85% and more. Automate Claim Processing, Policy Administration and, Underwriting.

Core insurance and back-office processes can be easily automated, including integration of legacy or current systems.

Our platform enables automated processes to integrate existing systems, spreadsheets, PDFs, scanned documents, and more.

Ease of use

With our easy-to-use editor, even employees can create automations. Making life simpler for your employees and helping them be more productive.

Drag and drop AI

Drag-and-drop Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables enhancement of automations, including third-party models in our platform.


Reduce Human Effort

Insurance Providers can rapidly create unattended/ attended robots to automatically perform manual, repetitive tasks, thus giving humans time to focus on higher value work, and reduce process costs and cycle times.

Long-term Strategy

Think long-term to build your business, capabilities and increase productivity from your current workforce.

Stay Compatible

Since our bots imitate human keystrokes and mouse clicks and are based on highly accurate computer vision, your current core insurance process applications can continue seamlessly without replacement.

Make your RPA investment pay back in months, not years.

  • Faster Processes end-end
  • Hybrid or on-permise automation
  • Scale or add new workflows with ease

Get a handle on your Compliance costs with ease.

  • Re-Capitalize workforce to meet new strategic demands
  • Automation helps you complete your compliance checklists beforehand.
  • Get things done that are more critical first and build in efficiency

Reduce what's dragging your risk.

  • Get your teams to spend time on analysis and business outcomes
  • Build automation into your system as new regulations come into place
  • Eliminate manual errors to near zero

Automate time-consuming activities.

  • Let your employees automate redundant tasks. Automate monotonous workflows
  • Pull, Reconcile data that's unstructured from email, PDF, documents and anything else.
  • Your employees have a say by operating attended bots or unattended bots


Keeping it Simple.

With speed and agility, transform the way your employees work. From addressing customer challenges to back-office operations.


Scale the Sale

With trends that indicate you have peak days, peak seasons, scale your operations automatically. Prioritize activities that need the maximum attention and critical business functions.

Get your Audit Done

From logging, monitoring to verifying business data, gain critical insights on outcomes. Use this information to improve and optimize operations.


Structure the Unstructured

Classify unstructured data into structured data sets from multiple sources with ease. Our bots trained once can recognize the file types and match them with intelligent AI.

Build Efficiency, Accuracy, faster with scale with low-cost. Use a combination or your Virtual work-force and human processes to expand operations.

Reports to help you make decisions

Get set with reports that help you make critical decisions in real-time. Get the advantage of intuitive reporting and take decisions faster.

Unified Platform

Make use of a single unified platform that reads data from multiple sources, sorts and organizes them to build outcomes you want to focus on.

Innovate Operations

Get remarkable at running your operations at scale. Build automation with intelligence to cater to your customer base. From batch processing operations to excelling operational efficiency.



Software robots, or bots, can act on AI insights to complete tasks with no lag time and enable you to achieve digital transformation.


Paperless Back office

Automate, manage and streamline manual, repetitive tasks such as data collection and reporting, onboarding, managing orders, calculating payroll amounts and more.

Make IT Management Simpler

Scale and automate IT processes; IT help desk, service requests, event and access management, when working with existing systems and back-end applications that lack good APIs.


Automate Document Processing

Our Platform has a built-in document intelligence to extract structured data from unstructured data to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of document processing.

Virtual Agents

Use intelligent chatbots to answer questions and handle simple tasks without human intervention. Make it easy to manage, query and answer questions quickly.


Help build your HR practice with automation

Enable your HR function to automate across initiatives

Insights driven automation